Learning is a Lifelong Process...

I’m not quite sure who originally said that, but that is certainly my philosophy.

Whether you need supervision for licensure, or you are already a therapist and want to continue consultation for the challenges you may encounter, I would be thrilled to work with you.  I enjoy the learning process and assisting others in their own growth path. Personally, I believe the day I stop learning is the day I should hang up my hat and close the doors. 

For most of my career, I have worked with clients from a psychodynamic and attachment-based perspective. My approach is to utilize theories and interventions that work best with what each client needs. 

The Problem with Most Graduate Schools…

Unfortunately, most graduate schools either do not provide any training on assessing for high risk and suicidal clients, or they provide a one-day training within a course.

I have had many therapists tell me that they do not think they will come in contact with someone who may be suicidal or who will die by suicide.  Yet, that is a definite misnomer and is false. 

For 30 years, I’ve been working with high-risk clients and more specifically, in the last 10 years with suicidal clients or those who have lost loved ones to suicide. 

All therapists can benefit from continuing their education when it comes to Suicide Assessment and in addition to my course, I provide consultation and supervision for therapists who need continued support and training in the areas of suicide prevention and suicide risk assessment.

Don't Do it Alone!

The Mental Health Profession can be fulfilling and at the same time, draining. It can also be isolating without a support system and connection with others.  

Furthermore, when it comes to Suicide Assessment I know how uncomfortable it can be to ask questions you really need to ask, but feel a certain anxiety to push in to the subject.  I also know it can be disconcerting when assessing someone you feel may be at risk.

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