Consultation is a critical part of your practice. On-going training, support, and council will help you in your own professional journey as a therapist.  

Every consultant has there own style and level of experience.  I wanted to summarize for you 
who it is I work best with, and also who will get the most effective results while in my practice.  I want to communicate what you can expect from me in consultation.  

I am an active participant with you in your consultation. I’m not one of those people  that sit and nod my head and repeat “uh huh” a million times. I will ask you to come in ready to work, and know that I will provide you feedback, be reflective of what you are telling me, and work with you on the most effective way in order for you to feel you understand and know how to move forward with your clients.

Consultation with me is not “one size fits all”.  As each clinician is different, and has varied types of clients, I seek to learn what fits best for you and your clients.  There are some people who specifically come to see me for EMDR consultation,  there are others that are not trained in EMDR, and will focus on ways to grow and help the clients they have in their practice. Within all that, I still believe everyone is different, so no two treatment plans or consultations are alike.

Mostly, I come from an attachment based perspective. I believe that what happens, even when you are in the womb, has an effect on you and your psyche. Additionally, I also utilize CBT and DBT skills in working with the people I consult with in my practice. Within DBT is mindfulness. This is such a key skill in helping people learn to regulate their emotions. 

Another thing I find is that many people really struggle with self-compassion, so no matter what, it is something I work to instill in others’ practices. I am always trying to help people learn to be more compassionate with themselves. This includes therapists as well. Sometimes therapists are so hard on themselves and need to receive as well as give compassion.

Now, here’s the nitty gritty details of the “About Norine”. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 33 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults and adults. I do work with couples, but mostly centered around parenting their adolescents or young adults. I am also certified in EMDR therapy and an Approved Consultant to other therapists for EMDR therapy. My areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, trauma, suicide prevention and postvention. For me, it was important to do something that would feed my soul. Helping people, help people, grow, and heal, is my ultimate goal.

I am in Private Practice in Westlake Village, California.


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Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW

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